Two (or more) Cameras Are Better Than One!

Lots of people today have high-quality video cameras that they can take with them to record events such as their children's concerts. If you do that, of course, then rather than fully experiencing the event, you give your attention mostly to the camera. And how does the resulting "product" compare to a professionally produced DVD, with complete selection menu, that integrates the best footage from two or more pro-level cameras? Add in the factor of professional audio design, and there's really no comparison at all.

Why the Audio on Our DVDs is often "Better Than Live"

We use multiple professional-quality microphones, strategically placed, to capture the audio for the events we shoot.
In post-production, we process and mix the audio sources for the best possible clarity and quality. Customers are often surprised by how good the resulting soundtrack is: "That's even better than it sounded live!"

Professional Videography, Sound Design, and much more

From theatrical productions and concerts to family-history videos; from conferences and lectures to intimate interviews; from "family album" video photo-compilations to multicamera, multitrack audio editing and production; from interactive online training courses to online help systems, Good Land Media is the Central Coast source for top-quality, reasonably priced recording, editing, design and production services.

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A SAMPLE OF OUR VIDEO WORK: Recently we videorecorded the "Thriller" event for World Dance for Humanity, using three cameras. To view the video, and to learn more about the work of World Dance, click here.

A Few Examples of What We Offer

event videography We can shoot with a single camera, or two or more cameras, with a wide range of audio-recording options. Select an event-type from the Video menu, above, for details.


microphonesOne microphone to a bunch of microphones, placed where they'll be most effective for your event or project. We have a wide range of microphones available.
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training Online Training Course Development

We design and develop interactive online training materials and browser-based online Help systems. learn more


Technical (or non-technical) writing and editing  
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These are just a few of the services we offer. Use the menus at the top of the page for more information.