Sound Design and Audio-for-Video Services


headset studio microphone

We use multiple professional-quality microphones, strategically placed, to capture the audio for the events we shoot.
In post-production, we process and mix the audio sources for the best possible clarity and quality. Customers are often surprised by how good the resulting soundtrack is: "That's even better than it sounded live!"

For simple situations, camera-mounted microphones may suffice. For more complex situations -- for example, concerts, shows, or conferences where several people may be performing at the same time, in different parts of the room -- the use of multiple microphones will result in a finished soundtrack that's vastly better than could be created by using only on-camera mics.

We have a wide range of microphones available, from clip-on wireless lavaliers to shotguns, to studio-style condensers, to surface-mount PZMs, to hand-held dynamics... and more.

Our audio expertise is part of the "package" you get when you book us to record your event.