Videography Services for Family Events

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Parties and Celebrations

We can ask your party-goers to offer remarks or best wishes on-camera, or we can "lurk" discreetly in the background and capture the fun without interfering.




We can shoot with a single camera, or two or more cameras.

For situations like intimate interviews, we can use specialized microphones to capture the best possible audio quality.






Family History Interviews

A Family History video is a treasure that can be handed down for generations. We can simply record your family as you talk, or we can actively conduct an interview with one or more of your family members. We're skilled and experienced at getting people to tell their stories. Contact us to discuss your project.

Anniversaries    First Communions     Funerals    Baptisms     Video "Letters"     Housewarmings

Basic Pricing

As low as $60/hour for single-camera shoot with simple audio. Add $50/hour per camera for second and additional cameras.

We can design and provide more sophisticated audio-setups involving the use of multiple microphones, for a nominal additional charge based on the complexity of the setup.

Basic pricing assumes delivery of "raw" footage and does not include post-production. See "Package Pricing", below, for best options

editing and creation of deliverable medium (typically a DVD)

We can edit the recorded footage and produce a DVD, complete with credits-sequences and a full selection-menu. Pricing depends upon the complexity (video and audio) of the shoot.

Pricing can be based on an hourly rate or (more typically) on an agreed-upon "package" price; see below.

Package Pricing

A Package Price is typically the most cost-effective approach, because the price can be shared among the individuals who want copies of the program, so the cost-per-DVD can be relatively low.

We can propose a Package Price based on the details of your event (number of cameras and microphones, etc.). The Package includes event setup, shooting, post-production, and the delivery of an agreed-upon number of copies of the DVD of the finished program.

Contact us for a price estimate, with no obligation and no charge.